Welcome to my Blog!!

For a few weeks now I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog. But the internet is full of blogs. I don’t want to be just one more line on a page of search engine results. And so I wondered, what would I write about and who would want to read it? A blog represents a commitment. Once I pick a subject I have to keep writing about it in different and meaningful ways. When I was in college I learned that one does not write a research paper simply to rehash what has already been written. The goal is to provide a fresh perspective. Granted, a blog is not a research paper. But I do believe in providing a fresh perspective. So, what to write about? One of my friends said, “Your photographs, of course!”

Running came first…..

I do take pictures. I didn’t plan on it. It was quite by accident really. About seven or eight years ago I started running outdoors. I was working full time, going to grad school, and I had a toddler and a baby at home. I needed time to myself and some peace and quiet. So I went outside and started running.

Not only did I enjoy the physical benefits of exercise, I discovered that there was so much to see. I was running on the same roads that I drove every day. Only I had no idea how much I was missing being inside my car. Running outside I experienced for the first time how exciting it is to watch the seasons change. Then a friend invited me to join a group of runners at a nearby Civil War battlefield. And I made another discovery. Getting off the beaten path is extremely therapeutic!

And then came the camera….

I don’t remember exactly the moment when I decided to take my first picture. At one point I had developed a stress fracture in my left foot and wasn’t able to run quite as much. I think it was somewhere during that time that I picked up the camera and started taking pictures of some of the flowers and plants I had become familiar with on my route. Whenever it was that it happened, I became hooked.

I began to see the world around me in terms of snapshots. Perhaps it was a texture, perhaps it was a color. But these images brought back memories and reminded me of things I hadn’t thought about in years. Sometimes they related to the present instead of the past. I realized that behind each of these images was a story.

And so, that is what I will write about. The stories and meanings behind the photos. My posts will not contain tips about photography. I do not know enough about photography to offer any such advice. The internet is full of sites for anyone wanting to really learn about ISO and aperture. I can even recommend a few.  Instead, I will write about the images my camera has captured. I hope you will enjoy the journey.